Finer Methods for the Right Casino Games for You

Since we started playing we have done nothing but think about the slot machines we wrote our handbook to win at slot machines and an article on the strategies to be adopted. Now, after we don’t know how many hours of experience, we believe a few thousand hours, we decided to let you see how to manage the money deposited in online casinos by playing slot machines. Here with these premises, here we propose a practical scheme in relation to the budget that you intend to invest to play.

We have considered different types of budgets, which can also be used through the various bonuses. For each amount (if you click sends you to the strategy on the page) we advise you how much to bet and how many machines allow you to shoot, an empty number of laps allowed etc. Regarding the Casino CLB and more you can now have the best deal available.

NB In all the advice we give it is understood that the number of slots to choose from increases if you win. We do the cases in which we are unlucky at 100%, which usually happens very few times, something always happens.

To read and understand these strategies it is worthwhile, if you do not know, to inform you about the play through and completion of the wagering requirements, the bankroll and tricks, and the casino bonuses especially the no deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses.

With 10 dollars, unfortunately, little can be done and depends on the objective

Completion of no-deposit bonus play through generally the pt. are high and not easy to complete, but not impossible. With 10 dollars you have 5 potential hits of 2 dollars or 10 from 1 dollar. Less we do not recommend playing because you win little or nothing, with these bonuses you have to go up immediately and it depends only on luck! We would play 10 rounds at 1 or 5 at 2 dollars; we would have nothing to lose! In this case you need to be lucky and choose the right machine; we can’t afford to choose others!

Game without deposit but with real money, if in this case the goal is to make small winnings then we can choose 2 slot machines and see what happens. The budget is of 5 dollars in slots and 50 cents or 1 dollar in each. If after the first and for example 10 rounds of 50 cents you have lost everything then it is time to switch to the next slot machine and repeat. Luck must still be on our side.

With 25 dollars you start to have some room to play

Completion of bonus play through with no deposit in this case we recommend choosing two slot machines and playing 12.5 dollars with a bet from 0.5 up to 2 dollars. If you lose go to the next slot. Needless to say, luck dominates even in this case.

Game without deposit but with real money: with 25 dollars we can hold an average bet of 1 or 2 dollars per hit. With 2 dollars per shot, choose a lucky slot and play. With 1 dollar per shot you can choose two slot machines.

With 100 dollars the possibilities increase

Bonus completion with deposit: taking a welcome bonus and starting immediately with 200 dollars opens up many possibilities for play, depending on how much you are risk averse. If it is a bonus completion we recommend playing high with bets from 2 to 4 dollars changing and trying many slot machines.

Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 Casino
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